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Volume + Microline For Thinning Hair

The MicroLines method is ideally suited to give people with thin hair in the crown  and front areas their natural hair fullness back, even with advanced hair loss. Micro-fine, virtually invisible special threads, the so-called “MicroLines”, with high-grade real hair attached to them, are worked into the client’s existing hair. The added hair matches the client’s hair in terms of color, structure and length, and thus invisibly integrates into the client’s hair. The result is an absolutely natural real head of hair, which looks just like the client’s own. The Microlines System is permanently attached and can be worn over the course of many months. The additional hair feels like one’s own – even when swimming, in the sauna, or when riding in a convertible. Unlike hairpieces and wigs, MicroLines will not set limitations to one’s normal lifestyle. The Microlines System is perfectly adapted for each client’s specific situation. Even special hair problems such as bald spots can be solved with a custom MicroLines solution.

Volume + HighLines For Very Fine Hair

The Hairdreams HighLines gives very fine and slightly thinning hair significantly more volume in the crown area. This is done with micro-fine, invisible special threads with high-grade real hair attached to them, which are integrated into the client’s own hair.
If desired, then a different color can be chosen for the additional strands in order to get attractive color effects such as highlight or lowlights. The solution
Due to the special way HighLines are made, these strand effects appear very natural and without any visible dark roots. And all this is done gently, and without any chemicals!

Volume + Top Hair

The innovative TopHair System by Hairdreams is especially fast, convenient and flexible in its application, and is ideally suited for quick and effortless thickening of fine and thin hair in the crown area. Due to its special construction it works especially well for styles with longer hair on top, or if the client desires a parting.

It is made of an innovative, breathable high-tech mesh with Hairdreams hair attached to it, which is integrated into the client’s own hair at the crown. The additional hair inconspicuously blends with the client’s hair and results in wonderfully soft and natural hair styles with longer hair, as well as partings and bangs. Depending on the client’s preference, the TopHair can be attached permanently or with clips, so that the client can remove and reattach it anytime on her own. It is easy to do, and will first be practiced in the salon under the stylist’s guidance. Hair Thickening with Hairdreams

Prices vary due to how much how hair will be needed, what type of hair will be used (Russian hair, Hair Dreams products etc.) and the personal needs of each individual customer. A free consultation will determine what the customer wants and or needs for the final price. hair loss hair extensions hair salons

Hair  Loss

More and more women suffer from "hair loss" and men from " hair Baldness" - whether the hair breaks, keeps getting thinner, or even falls out leading to bald spots. This is a serious problem for affected women: they feel vulnerable, unattractive and insecure.

THE MOST COMMON TYPE OF HAIR LOSS IS A CONDITION CALLED ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA affecting 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States.