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  Striking Design | Unmatched Artistry

Deluxe Packaging

Hair extensions installation
Hair brush for extensions
(2)Monthly check up visits (first 2 visits free, $50 each additional visit)
Hair removal NOT included (hair will need to be removed 3 to 4 month after initial installation.)

Hair Extensions

Price of hair extensions can range from $300 & up  depends on hair type, texture of the hair, amount hair you will need  and final price, all that after a COMPLIMENTARY consultation.Financial options: available monthly payments . Call/text for details 360-790-7358

Premium Package

Hair extensions installation
Hairdream home care kit
(2) Monthly check up visits, include shampoo, conditioner and style
Hair removal INCLUDED

Prices vary due to how much how hair will be needed, what type of hair will be used (Russian hair, Hair Dreams products etc.) and the personal needs of each individual customer. The  consultation is $25 will determine what the customer wants and or needs for the final price. $25 will refund to you after hair extensions service if you agree do at Lana's Hair Extensions Studio.

If you would like to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we can accommodate your request within 12 hours of your appointment time. Any sooner would be subject to a $25 fee that will apply to your next appointment.

The Vision
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Hair Removal

$200 - full set after 3-4 month
$300 - less than 2 weeks
$100 per hour if hair extensions after 4 month or longer or   for extensions that were not put in by Lana.

Price List

Through experience and vision, Lana delivers striking results.