The Vision
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Skills Include:

  • Hair Loss
  • Hair Extensions with method:
  • Strand by Strand
  • I Tip Individuals
  • Skin Weft (Taping)
  • Lengthening
  • Volumizing

Lana's Hair Extensions Studio

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Lana Christopherson has been trained by leading hair care Companies and  she is highly skilled as a hair extensions artist, Volumizer System Expert and colorist. She is certified with HAIRDREAMS. Which is the leading innovator in high quality hair extension and hair volumizing techniques. 


Lana has become an expert in high end extension and a quality colorist, making her clients look their utmost best. Her passion for her craft and her exceptional skills has made her a PREMIER  HAIR EXTENSIONS ARTIST throughout Washington. 


Lana specializes in all types of hair extensions. She uses the best quality of  European and Russian hair extensions which give you the look and feel of natural hair for long lasting style. The quality shows in the look and soft feel of this luxurious product.


Lana came from Russia 10  years ago and she always loved learning about hair, hair colors, facials, and all aspects of the beauty industry but Lana found a hair extensions a particularly interesting subject. She had a friend who worked with hair extensions who peeked Lana's interest in how hair extensions work. So she began to learn more and more about hair extensions but the best way to learn is to do so Lana decided to begin applying her own extensions on herself.

Lana has worn extensions for over 15 years and she’s been addicted ever since. She began dabbling with hair extensions for extra hair and extra-long length. People generally tell her that they don’t think that she needs hair extensions, but for Lana her hair extensions have become a somewhat of a security blanket. Wearing hair extensions makes her feel beautiful, sexy, confident, and even powerful. Hair extensions also make it much easier for her to style her hair in comparison to her own boring, frizzy hair. While it may be an expensive habit, Lana knows that the boost that comes with having beautiful, luxurious hair is well worth the price. She even has what she likes to call her “Hair Extension Fund.” For Lana, hair extensions aren’t just a novelty; they are a way of life! As a wearer herself, Lana knows how much hair extensions can change a woman’s life for the better.

You simply cannot put a price tag on feeling secure, feeling happy with yourself, or being confident in your own skin. This is why Lana takes such good care of her clients, because she knows that she is helping to empower them, and be the best that they can possibly be!